A boarding school where kids learn how to live a happy/fulfilling life with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Instead of using the  industrial age education system (that teaches kids how to be employees),
Preneur school focuses on teaching kids how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and utilizes an education system personalized to each kid’s strength.


The course catalog includes:

Financial freedom

Living a life with purpose


Computer coding

Public speaking

Healthy lifestyle choices


and much more

In stage 1, the students will be adopted girls

here the different stages for this project. 

This is a stock image- The girls on this image might or might not be orphans

I learned that after certain age, they are less likely to get adopted (almost everyone wants to adopt babies), and when the orphans turn 18, they have to leave the orphanage and find a way to sustain themselves on their own- with a simple high school education. They tend to find minimum wage jobs, and sadly in some cases, prostitute themselves as a way to sustain their new lives on their own- Jenniffer Polanco 


Orphans deserve the opportunity to be taken care of, and by when they turn 18, have the knowledge, and experience necessary to keep growing the companies they created during their middle/high school years, or use that experience to get higher paying jobs or have the resources to get a college education if they choose to.

Orphans deserve to have the knowledge, opportunities, and resources to live a fulfilling/ happy life in all aspects: wealth, love, and happiness, and Preneur school will make it a reality to as many as I possible can.


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