About me

I am Jenniffer Polanco. I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from a middle class family. I grew up with my grandmother because my mom moved to a city 4 hours away, so she could get a higher paying job; thanks to that and my half scholarship, I studied in one of the best private schools in the country.

I moved to Orlando in my senior year because my mom got the green card, and since I was still a minor, I got one too. I didn’t want to move; everything I knew as “my life” was back in Dominican Republic. I didn’t know any English (except: thank you, excuse me, and I don’t speak English). Thanks to my grades and curriculum,  I only had to take 2 classes to graduate high school: calculus II and Spanish (I needed a foreign language course, and English wouldn’t count as one- even though that was really a foreign language to me).

After graduating high school, I went straight to college. I took an intensive English course for a year. I graduated top 10% of my community college with a honors degree, and then transferred to University of Central Florida to pursue a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in Psychology. Every semester, I was part of the President and/or Dean’s list.

After graduating, I found a job in my field- just to find out that the pay was not enough, it was not fulfilling, and that most of the things I learned in school and college, was not useful in my everyday life.

I knew that life was more than a cubicle, so I sold most of my stuff, and traveled the world by myself for 3 years. During those years, I learned more about life, myself, and the world around me than what I learned in K-12 and college COMBINED.

During my travels, I volunteered in different organizations, but there was one experience that changed my life…

Volunteering in Jordan

When I moved to Jordan, I found a volunteering opportunity that changed my outlook of life. I volunteered in an orphanage during one summer. All kids were sent with their relatives (aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.); except one: Hazam.

Hazam didn’t have anyone in the world, so he stayed with the orphanage staffs the whole summer. It was a big/ lonely orphanage during the summer.

I would come in the afternoons to teach Hazam some English basics; such as the numbers, letters, and simple phrases/words. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we found a way to communicate. He was one of the most well behaved, and loving boy I have met in my life.

During that summer, I learned so much about orphan kids and their lifestyle. I learned that after certain age, they are less likely to get adopted (almost everyone wants to adopt babies), and when the orphans turn 18, they have to leave the orphanage and find a way to sustain themselves on their own- with a simple high school education. They tend to find minimum wage jobs, and sadly in some cases, prostitute themselves as a way to sustain their new lives on their own.

What I believe of the current education system

Technology and many things around us has changed, but the education system has not changed in hundreds of years. Orphans are left on their own simply with a high school education. As we know, most of the most successful people in the world are entrepreneurs, and orphans only receive the current K–12 traditional model of education (born in the industrial age), plus they don’t have as many opportunities to see examples of people succeeding on their own or starting companies.

The current system is limiting the opportunities orphans receive. In my opinion, society is basically settling orphans for failure/ to live mediocre lives.

Where the Preneur School vision came from

One event led to another, and I ended up in the Tony Robbins’ event “Unleash The Power Within” as a Platinum member guest.

On the”transformation” day, I came to the realization that I can and will do something to help orphan girls. Just like Hazam, they didn’t ask to be born, and they deserve to have the best life have to offer. They deserve to be taken care of, and by when they turn 18, have the knowledge, and experience necessary to keep growing the companies they created during their middle/high school years, or use that experience to get higher paying jobs or have the resources to get a college education if they choose to.

Orphans deserve to have the knowledge, opportunities, and resources to live a fulfilling/ happy life in all aspects: wealth, love, and happiness, and Preneur school will make it a reality to as many as I possible can.


And so it has become my life mission to adopt girls, and hire professionals that will teach them all the things that I had to self teach myself here is the course catalog, and that I firmly believe will help them live the live they deserve. In return, I believe they will help society and the future generations in their own ways.


What I need from you

At this stage, here is how you can help make this project a reality!