A boarding school where kids learn how to live a happy/fulfilling life with an entrepreneurial mindset. Instead of using the  industrial age education system (that teaches kids how to be employees), Preneur school focuses on teaching kids how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and utilizes an education system personalised to each kid’s strength  (here is the course catalog).

This is a stock image- The girls on this image might or might not be orphans

Stage 1

  • Decide on location
  • Get licences/ permits
  • Buy property
  • Adopt girls over the age of 8 (people tend to adopt babies, and kids over 8 years old don’t really get adopted; when they turn 18, they have to leave the orphanage to start a life on their own- with a simple high school diploma)
  • Hire licensed psychologist to
    • help them in any personal issues they might have
    • help them have a better self-image, and self-love
    • find their personal gift, and create a school curriculum to work on their strength, and adapt to any changes the child might have during the years
  • Hire professionals in the different areas of wealth, health, and happiness
  • Have “Ted talk” style conferences in the school with successful entrepreneurs
  • Have the girls do internships with successful entrepreneurs in the field they decide they want to learn about
  • Have the girls assist different workshop/conferences during the year about wealth, health, and happiness

Stage 2

  • Get permits and licenses to build a mixed boarding school where other kids can pay tuition to receive the entrepreneurial education system
    • The revenue from the tuitions will help fund the costs of adopting more orphans or offering scholarships to less privileged kids


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